Designing Hope has supported the association KYP (Kliptown Youth Project) between 2011 and 2016 in Kliptown, one of the most disadvantaged townships that surrounds the city of Johannesburg.

In 2012, she supported an initiative of this association, “Eat My Dust”, consisting of training young people of Kliptown to the video production, and of sensitizing the youth of the townships to cinema, through the organization of projections in the open air of cinema classics.

By joining in this project, Dessine l’Espoir sensitized the youth to its anti-discrimination campaign: “I Love You Positive or Negative” and entrusted to Eat My Dust the production of prevention clips conveying this message.

The clips were produced during the kids school holidays, and broadcast throughout the year in open screenings, thus reaching several hundred young people from the neighborhood within the township.

A broadcast on Soweto TV has opened this campaign to a much wider audience, and contributed to make of “Super Condom”, the hero acting in the clips, a true local icon.