TransJardins is a site presenting the news of several educational and experimental gardens. Launched in 2013 under the initiative of Dessine l’Espoir, with the support of The Ivory Foundation, the platform currently brings together 8 gardens, including 6 on the African continent in Estwani, Lesotho, South Africa and Burkina Faso, and 2 in France, in Paris and Lauris (near Avignon).

These gardens all have an educational purpose and aim to educate, train and raise awareness among local populations on sustainable agriculture techniques, permaculture and agroecology as a self-subsistence solution. Dessine l’Espoir truly believes that such knowledge and practices are a bridge to access to more balanced, healthy and local food. This is in a context of physical fragility, poverty, and rising food prices that are exacerbating the malnutrition of populations, especially the youngest, in some African countries.

TransJardins is also a platform for exchanging know-how, advice and creating links between children from different countries, languages and cultures. Because sustainable development also means being open to others.