in 2010,  Designing Hope implemented a group of Giant Puppets in Piggs Peak, Swaziland with les Grandes Personnes.
They are now using these puppets to start an awareness campaign about early pregnancies.



HIV patients from local support group Fundzisa Live were invited to join a workshop, and learn how to create the body and head of these amazing structures. They were also sensitized to the puppets manipulation. Since 2010, several scenarios have been played in rural areas, in schools, targeting children, but also older community members (stigma, sugar daddies, HIV testing…). for this last campaign, Designing Hope created 4 new characters, for a play involving pupils confronted to their first relationships. Puppets are really of great help to address sensitive issues such as early pregnancies. The narrator and the characters can address indirectly subjects that people would not dare addressing directly between them.

This show is played in schools around Piggs Peak, particularly those with whom Designing Hope has woven particular links with its other projects (distribution of school uniforms, school gardens).

This project was supported by the HRA Pharma Foundation.