The children of Roosboom in South Africa are preparing a package for the children of Bercy school

Like every afternoon, the children of Roosboom’s Half Way House come together for creative activities, sports, and garden maintenance before their meal is served. This afternoon, the children just receive a large envelopped with pictures and drawings made by the children of Bercy School.

Pictures help them discover the neightborhood of Bercy, the school, the Traversine garden, and the pupils. A letter was also sent, that is read to them and translated into Zulu. The afternoon will be dedicated to the realization of their own “return enveloppe” destinated to the children of Bercy … According to their age, they prepare a letter, to present their town, neightborhood, their garden… Several pictures and videosare made to presen the house of Roosboom, as well as drawings to offer the children of Bercy.

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