Optimark is specialized in signage and visual identity.

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Supported Projects:

The first collaboration with Designing Hope took place in December 2002,  with the supply of boards presenting the decorated lightbulbs from “Fashion Designing Hope” at FNAC Bastille. In the following years, Optimark became a key partner in all the operations and events of Dessine l’Espoir, supplying all the visual identity of the association (kakemonos, posters, stickers …) for its shows, exhibitions and funding events.

In 2005, Optimark produced all the prints for Music4Life, including reproductions of the singers’ messages for the frames being auctioned and reproductions of all signatures on the two Gibson guitars sold at auction.

In October 2006, optimark created all the signage for the promotion of “One Month of Love” condom boxes in all FNAC stores.
In 2007, Optimark again supported Dessine l’Espoir for “Fashion Designing Hope”. .

Optimark has given the association its know-how in silk-screen printing to reproduce on fabrics the original drawings of the designers for the project “Carrés d’Espoir”.

Between 2010 and 2012, Optimark will carry out the signage of the gala dinner of the association on the Salon Art Paris, including a large photo-call presenting the sponsors.