First garden of the “One House One Garden” program in Eswatini

The women of Fundzisa Live installed the first garden of the “One House One Garden” program. 25 beneficiaries have been identified and will be offered a 25m2 plot of land allowing them to develop a vegetable garden protected from raving animals near their home.

The 7 women in charge of the project are mobilizing together, with the support of the families, when their state of health allows it, to set up a fence.

The materials are delivered before their arrival, and they carry out this installation over 2 days. The first day is devoted to clearing the plot, installing the posts and sealing them in cement. The second is devoted to fixing the fence, installing the gate, and preparing the model crop boards.

Neighborhood women are invited to take part in the second day, to attend the training in soil preparation techniques, and to learn about agroecology.

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