The company:

Established in 2002, Agrosemens is an independent potager seed specialist specialized in organic farming. Agrosemens is based on a vocation, an ethic, to produce quality vegetable seeds, produced by seed multiplying farmers. Their methods of production are combining ancestral know-how and a good knowledge of the evolution of production techniques.

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Projects supported:

Agrosemens supports the “Transgardens” project of Designing Hope.
They support the distribution of reproducible seeds on the different educational garden projects in Southern Africa (Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa) and in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Senegal ).

This partnership has been enriched by a special collaboration with women supported by Designing Hope in Swaziland. Agrosemens entrusted them with the sewing of several objects stamped with its logo, embroidered by hand by women on gardener’s aprons, caps and baby bibs.

Link on the supported project: Transgardens