Founded in April 2003, Designing Hope is involved in projects run in 6 African countries, mainly in Southern Africa (South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique) and in Burkina Faso, with programs adapted to the specific context of each region.

It supports mainly woman and children affected by HIV AIDS, victims of exclusion or discrimination, or affected by poverty.
These targeted populations can benefit from various social projects organized by Designing hope with local partners: they can enjoy school support, nutritional aid, access to training in the field of agriculture, crafts, social support and prevention, which can lead to regular income generating activities.

These activities contribute to strengthen psychologically, promote social inclusion and self-esteem.
One of Designing Hope’s objectives is to encourage beneficients of its projects to become themselves development actors, able to support and train their compatriots.

Designing Hope has mobilized over the years many international artists to strengthen its local actions in Africa.
It creates cultural and social bridges between France and other countries in Europe and Africa, promoting understanding and exchange.